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Why Consider Utilizing LiDAR Technology?

There is significant growth in LiDAR technology in multiple sectors. The rising demand for 3-dimensional imaging and the growth of drone technology have essential roles to play. The Aries I LiDAR technology is used mainly in mining, forestry, land development, surveying, construction, etc. Rendering the highly precise 3D images of the scanned areas and locations and creating accurate maps make LiDAR technology a popular choice among several industries. It is a light imaging detection and ranging technology that NASA has utilized and the US military before it was commercially available.


Accuracy or precision tops the list of advantages of using LiDAR technology. The accurate and consistent outcomes make LiDAR technology a significant aspect in mapping, mining, construction, etc., sectors. The tiny wavelengths used have the potential to identify the most miniature objects and create 3-dimensional models. Henceforth, it is possible to determine the objects and conclude whether it is a person, a tree, a wall, or anything else.


The high-speed aspect of LiDAR technology is yet another reason that makes it crazily popular in multiple sectors. Because the sensor signals out laser pulses and also accumulates them in nanoseconds, the technology can scan large areas within a short time frame. Though the time required is less, and there is a massive area to scan, LiDAR technology can still capture an extensive volume of data, which is highly useful for businesses.

Automated process

Aries I LiDAR technology has a reputation for rendering automated functioning processes. Although it is an automated technology, an experienced and competent expert is required to operate the tools and equipment. Despite the inclusion of a human, the technology is conceived to be way more efficient and productive in surveying and scanning a wide plethora of areas than other methods that involve human interference as well.


LiDAR technology is apt for mapping and land surveying, given the large areas that can be scanned rapidly and precisely. The good thing is that LiDAR technology is comparatively less expensive than other methods. It is the most cost-effective and result-oriented way to acquire detailed and time-consuming topographical surveys. Furthermore, the technology can also accumulate data from locations that are otherwise inaccessible. For instance, dense forests, mountains, and other hard-to-reach locations can be easily mapped with LiDAR mapping and surveying technology.

Things to consider

Cost-effectiveness, high speed, and accurate data accumulation make LiDAR technology the right option. But certain aspects need to be considered when using the technology.

Experienced operator

The operator needs to have prior experience in surveying to understand the scanned locations.

High-quality sensors

It is necessary to invest in high-quality LiDAR sensors to get hold of accurate results. One has to understand that investing in top-notch quality sensors is expensive.


Aries I offers precise mapping and land surveying data via LiDAR technology. With rapidly turn-around data and competent operators, the disadvantages of the technology can be minimized. The light imaging, detection, and ranging technology is utilized in multiple sectors for its high speed and accuracy.