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The Ultimate Wedding Party Checklist

If you are tasked with organising a wedding party, be prepared for some stress; your head will be full of ideas, while you desperately try to record everything on paper or on your device, and with so many vendors to find, you will need all of the help you can muster.

Here is our ultimate wedding party checklist to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

  • The Venue – Simply put, this is your golden opportunity to hand all of the work over to a professional. By searching for established and classy wedding venues in Sydney, they would have their own in-house event planning team and that’s game over! The great thing about going for an established wedding venue is they have a wet weather plan waiting, and with absolutely everything you could possibly want, you just tell them how you would like your wedding party to be and consider it done!

  • Parking – This often gets overlooked and if you are having a home reception, the neighbours do need to be informed (and invited) which ensures you have ample parking. How to calculate the number of vehicles? If you halve the total number of guests, you will certainly have more than enough vehicle parking spaces.

  • The Entertainment – Hardly likely to be overlooked, yet it still requires some thought. It’s your day, so go with a music genre that appeals to your guests; rent a DJ or have some live music booked for the night, and make sure they will stay late!

  • The Beverages – Of course, the last thing you want to happen is to run out of alcohol or mixers, in any form, and if you use a top venue, they have a range of options. You could simply declare all drinks are on you, and take an unlimited beverage package, or you could set aside an amount, and when that’s finished, people pay for their drinks.

  • The Menu – You can’t beat a buffet for so many reasons; this is the best way to feed your guests – unless, of course, you wish to have the traditional dinner, which is always followed by the speeches and numerous toasts. As long as there is choice and options for vegans, vegetarians and healthy eaters, you should be fine with a buffet.

  • The Invitations – Of course, these would be sent out at least 6 weeks prior to the event, and RSVP is recommended, as you need to know how many to cater for. Consider enclosing a small map to the venue, as not everyone will be familiar with it.

  • Plan Some Surprises – Nothing makes a wedding party go like surprises; it could be a long-lost friend of the bride or groom making a magical appearance out of a box, or a singing telegram you hire to do a number. There are many ways to create some amusing interludes and by asking a few close friends, they would love to come up with a few.

If you can find a wedding party venue who has an in-house event planner, that is all you need, and with your concept and their expertise, the perfect wedding party awaits!