How to Transport Your Classic Car Safely?


Vintage, classic, or exotic car shipping process needs more involvement than transporting other vehicles. Shipping a contemporary car cross-country in an open trailer can make you feel at ease, but for your classic car, you will look for a more protective option. You will first need to find a shipper having experience in transporting collector cars.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a vintage car-shipping expert. The SAC team has shipped thousands of vintage and high-end vehicles, since 2012. if you are concerned about how to transport a inoperable classic car, then check SAC to understand their techniques. For example, they use a lift gate to load your classic car in an enclosed carrier. Therefore, the negligible chances to dent your non-running classic car vanish.

If you chose an open car transport option then a winch is used to load the inoperable car but it is not recommended for vintage cars.

Carriers versus brokers

  • Carriers are companies that have their transportation vehicles, equipment, and manpower.
  • Brokers connect clients to the carrier companies. They are the middleman between carrier companies and clients.

Is working with a broker better than directly going to a carrier company?

It is better to directly work with carriers as you have direct contact with the shipper that is shipping your classic. With a car transport broker, you save time in tracking a vetted carrier as they deal with the whole process.

Brokers have a large network of carriers and drivers, so you can find a truck heading to your specific destination quickly. The drawback to working with a broker is they have no direct control over the transit time or pick up beside you don’t get a chance to vet the driver or carrier yourself. It is wise to choose a shipping company that offers the benefits of carrier and broker.

Check your insurance

Even if the chosen shipper is the best, accidents happen. Insurance is crucial to cover damages in case of vehicle damages during the shipping process. Check the insurance coverage information and validity of the carrier company.

Check what your own auto insurance covers against damages or destruction during transit. The shipping company is liable for damage because of negligence and not due to an act of nature. Add the missing insurance covering the transportation process.

How is the shipping cost determined?

Major car carriers have similar expenses, as the used equipment cost is comparable, so the cost structure will be the same. If the rates are low then their competitors check them thoroughly to find if there are any hidden costs. Ensure that the manpower has sufficient training and proper equipment for the safe transportation of your classic car.

The other things that will influence the transportation cost includes –

  • Distance to be traveled
  • Pick-up & drop off services
  • Fuel costs
  • Open or enclosed carrier
  • Stacking or non-stacking
  • Operable or non-operable care
  • Equipment to be used
  • Busy season
  • Rush delivery

Before signing the agreement, ensure to review the copy thoroughly. Check if everything discussed in preferred services and price is mentioned clearly in the agreement. Take time to read the agreement copy before signing. Now, is the time to prepare your classic car for shipping!

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