How to Create a Customized Graduation Card with Mixbook


Your graduation day is among one of the best days of your life. Besides celebrating your educational achievements, it is also time to show your family and friends your capabilities and knowledge. Well, there are many ways you can do that, including making a presentation about your area of study.

But one thing that may stick and last in their minds might be making your custom graduation cards. Are you wondering how you can do that? You can do it using Mixbook; sign in today and learn how.

Mixbook is an online service that allows you to create and print various photo products, including graduation cards. The process is easy, which makes the experience fun and enjoyable. Mixbook also guarantees quality in both the products and services; the papers used are of high quality and classic, their customer service is friendly and top-rated.

To access Mixbook products sign in to Mixbook and sign in to your account using your phone or computer with a strong internet connection.

How to make a customized graduation card using Mixbook

Find a theme you love

From the many available designs on Mixbook, choose a style that you love and show your educational accomplishments. If you do not find something you love, you can create your own, starting with the available blank book.

Upload photos

After finding your style, the next step is to add photos. You can choose your favorite picture or an image that stood out during your studies. You can upload it from your phone, social media account, or from friends.

Customizing your card

Use the different editing tools to create a card you love and entertain your friends and guests. Personalize your card using the fonts, stickers, texts, images, among other available features, to match your style and personality. You can also invite your loved ones to join you in making the card more fabulous.

Choose the perfect size and shape.

The final look of your card matters. Choose the suitable sizes, format, and shape. From portrait orientation to top-quality paper types, Mixbook allows you to achieve a stylish and excellent finish for your card. The custom-made results are sure to wow your guests and create unforgettable memories for them.

What happens after creating your card?

After adding the finishes of how you want your card to look, the next step is to print your cards. After creating the card, you leave the rest of the work to the team at Mixbook. They do the printing for you using the highest grade papers. Like that is not enough, they send them right to your doorstep, saving you from all the hassle.

Their services are friendly and customer-oriented the quality of their products is affordable, and their delivery is timely. Mixbook is here to make your life easy and classy. They make the process straightforward, allowing as many people as possible to access their services.

Sign in to your Mixbook account today

Mixbook takes your graduation card-making experience to another level. From the numerous themes to choose from to the different formats and luxurious paper types, be sure to make your graduation memorable. Sign in to their website today to get started. 

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