How To Check If A Seiko Prospex Watch Is Real Or Fake?


Seiko Prospex Watches Have These Features

Many small brands try to copy the famous brand seiko prospex for its world-famous sports watches but, you can identify if the watches; are fake or real by checking the serial number which is of six digits and it has the number of watch per edition which is evenly spaced or engraved with sharp edges. They also have a movement model and movement dial, four plus four eight-digit code and another code respectively written on the watch’s back. You can find it and check if it is original or fake.

Check the logo of real seiko prospex

Other than the serial number and movement model, and dial number, there are a few more things to verify on a real watch. These watches have the logo on the watch face, and you will have to look very carefully to find the original one. An instruction booklet is also provided, with the original watch by the brand. You can match the booklet’s movement numbers with those on the watches to verify whether the watch is real or fake. At last, the brand gives the guarantee card with the watch that ensures that it is real. It is important to know if you are purchasing the real watch or you are being cheated.

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