How often you should post a video on YouTube for growing subscribers


Every creator aspires to increase their subscribers count; however, this is not as easy as people think about it. Some creators at the start Buy YouTube Subscribersthis helps at the beginning in increasing the views on your channel. Find the best site to buy YouTube subscribers and use their services. We are going to share some tips for growing your YouTube subscriber count.

Post videos consistently 

Consistency is the most important thing on social media platforms, make sure that you are regularly posting videos. Subscribers love channels that are regularly uploading valuable content. You should post at least one video on your channel in the first few weeks and then add at least 3 to 4 videos on your channel. More videos on your channel mean more watch time which will eventually help you get better rankings. However, don’t focus on the quantity only, you need to post quality content on your handle. When you are consistently uploading more content, subscribers know that awesome content is coming from this handle and would love to subscribe to your channel.

Use other social media platforms 

Make sure that you are sharing videos on other social media platforms as well. Many creators are driving traffic from other social media platforms as well. You should make pages on Instagram and Facebook and use them for growing the reputation of your channel. You can also drive traffic from Pinterest and Twitter as well. The ultimate goal of the creator is to get more subscribers; therefore, you should post content on all social media platforms and drive traffic from there. You can easily schedule your posts on social media using different free tools.

Keyword research is important before posting content 

Keyword research is also important before posting content on your channel, look for the topics which are regularly searched by the users on YouTube. The keywords of the videos should be included in the title of the videos and in the description as well. You can use free SEO tools for the keyword research, use keyword planner by Google for the keyword research. You should find keywords with low competition and try to rank your videos for them.

Try new ideas as well for channel 

Making videos on high searched keywords is important but some of your content should focus on quality only, once you gain subscribers you can post value-added content without worrying about the keywords. Be creative when making videos for your YouTube channel.

Create evergreen videos for your channel 

Your focus should be creating videos on the evergreen topic, when you are making videos on the evergreen topics, you will regularly get views on these videos. However, here again, 20% of your videos should be on the current affairs as well. Evergreen topics would boost the watch time of your videos.

YouTube is a competitive platform, gaining subscribers on this platform is quite challenging but if you are regularly uploading content on this platform, you will eventually gain subscribers on your channel.

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