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How can I get Entry Level Job in Kolkata?

If you’ve just graduated and are now looking for your first job, then you’re more likely to get what is called an entry-level position. An entry-level job is a job where you basically make your first foray into the professional environment, which comes right after you complete your graduation. It is the necessary initial step that you must take in order to begin your career growth, take on new professional experience, learn the tricks of your trade and so on.

What does an entry-level job mean?

An entry-level job implies that the applicant doesn’t have prior professional experience and is essentially a fresher or just out of college. Entry-level jobs are created keeping in mind the relative newness of fresh graduates and helping them forge a path in their field.

Key factors employers look at when choosing entry-level job aspirants

Employers know that those applying for entry-level jobs may not have enough professional experience. Hence, they look for other specific skills in these candidates:

– Technical skills required for that position

– Good volunteering experience or internships

– General skills like communication and customer relations

Ways to Get an Entry-Level Job

The city of Kolkata has great job prospects if you have the right skill set. Here are some steps you can take to get an entry-level job in Kolkata.

1) Strengthen your resume with internships

Internships can really help you gain a foothold in your field at the very beginning of your career. Strong internships on your resume convey to your employer that you’ve already started building your career and have gained professional experience. It is also a sign of a ‘go-getter’ attitude when you have multiple internships and volunteer experience on your resume. This can increase your chances of getting an entry-level job significantly.

2) Highlight your skills on your resume

Whatever skills you’ve learned, ensure that you’ve mentioned them on your resume. Employers today want candidates who can quickly learn new skills in entry-level jobs. When you emphasise your skills on your resume, you convey to the recruiter that you are a quick learner and are open to learning new skills if required.

3) Communicate with recruiters openly

Whether they are recruiters at job fairs in your college or third-party recruiters, communicate freely with them regarding your job prospects. Make sure to do your research well in advance and choose which companies you would want to work for. Employers love it when candidates know exactly what they want. It is also a great idea to research a company thoroughly before you attend an interview.

4) Look for entry-level jobs at job sites

The power of the Internet has allowed us to look for entry-level jobs from our fingertips. Post your resume on various job sites, and the right employer is bound to find you. You can search for and browse countless jobs based on your location and other criteria. If you find a suitable listing, then you can apply directly and wait for the employer to get back to you.

These are some handy and simple tips that can drastically increase your chances of finding an entry-level job that suits you. Happy job-hunting!