Help Your House Be Take Proper care of You, Save You, and Adore You


“Possibly our homes might take proper care of us, showed up at our save, or possibly love us?” that question caused by Rachel Lance lance armstrong got me thinking about my design work and the way homes for seniors are created. Ms. Armstrong’s wonderful Amazon . com . com Single, Living Architecture is actually discussing creating structures from organic living materials. She writes this inside the wake in the Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis this season. This tragedy greatly illustrates how fragile existence in the world might be and the way the architecture and technology we presently have cannot adapt to this kind of crisis as being a tree or mountain would adapt. It’s doubtful that we will dsicover Rachel’s Armstrong’s vision of protocells growing to be structures inside my lifetime however am excited to look for the minds that she’s generating for just about any better future.

Have you ever seen the adorable Pixar Movie Up, you will see how a mature person put his where you can attempt to take proper proper care of him. 70-eight years of age Carl, ties a lot of balloons to his home, he attaches a ship’s wheel to his hearth mantle and the man sets with an crazy adventure to look for the planet. Carl’s home is a beautiful little Victorian outfitted getting a stairlift that “eeeks” him lower the steps. Something in regards to the way Carl outfitted his home within the senior years was completely empowering in my opinion. Poor Carl have been threatened by the building of sky rise structures on the sides of him and contractor’s trying to persuade him to tear lower his house and go to a senior’s home. We could understand Carl’s outlook during how devastated he should be to lose the home that is full of wonderful remembrances of his beloved wife. Many seniors feel much the same way as Carl in the options of departing their property. In this particular fabulous animated fantasy our hero, Carl made his home Take Proper proper care of him, Save Him, and Love Him. Uncover more in regards to the movie On Pixar’s Website.

So within our lifetime, while using the tools and technologies we have at our disposal, sprinkled with imagination plus a little pixie dust, exactly what do perform make our homes “be conscious for people, showed up at our save, or possibly love us?”

How Do Your Home TAKE Proper proper care of YOU?

Convenience – Convenience towards the home within the back or front and then we can move easily in or from your homes. Elevators and stairlifts might be installed within your house to think about care you could progress minimizing the floors of your property.

FURNISHINGS – Furnishings which are outfitted for comfort and mobility through the correct keeping individuals furnishings and then we can navigate easily using the space.

BATHROOMS – which makes it easy, safe, and easy to use the restroom ., tub, and shower. Through well-rehearsed design as well as the latest advances in plumbing, our bathtub walls can open and let’s slide into warm bath water. Our toilets can raise minimizing in addition to clean us.

KITCHENS – that allow us preparing meals to reside in and our families easily. Cabinets that could lower and enable a mobility device bound individual to attain a night meal plate and rise back for people standing.

How Do Your Home Help You Save?

TECHNOLOGY – We have we have got we’ve got the technology now to create smart homes that could potentially help you save. Technology advances can put sensors on the floor or perhaps the toilet which will alert emergency services whenever we have fallen or need help.

How Do Your Home Thank You?

ADVENTURE When It’s Needed – We could bring a whole lot of adventure straight into us room through technology without any balloon’s connected using the house.

PUSH-BUTTON CLEANING – We could install robot vacuums that clean the home running on their own.

Similar to our hero Carl learned, because he meets a speaking dog named Doug plus an excessively helpful Scout named Russell, people and pets tend to be loving when compared to a house. We still cannot create a home which will adore you ways a family member or possibly an respected pet can thank you.

Whether we are designing for an additional natural disaster or perhaps the gentle aging of everybody, we must consider how our homes can “take proper care of us, showed up at our save, or possibly love us”

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