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Five Types Of Stylish Braids That One Must Try

The word “braid” refers to the weaving of three or more hair strands into a single structure. Hair braiding can often take hours to complete and involves intricate steps. In the world of fashion, braided hairstyles have won great popularity. Both men and women visit hair braiding salons to get their hair braiding done by professionals. While some braiding styles can easily be self-done at home or with the help of friends, some braiding processes are highly complicated and require professional hands.

Here are some of the most stylish yet tricky braiding styles that hair styling experts can only do-

1.   Box Braids

Box braiding generally involves the use of synthetic hair. This intricate braiding technique gives each section a box shape. In some variations, the braider may make shapes like triangles or diamonds. In most cases, the head is covered with a multitude of tiny box braids that are left to hang down. Usually, a professional’s help is needed to achieve this hairstyle.

2.   Cornrow braids

Cornrow braids are micro braids used to make geometric patterns on the scalp. The braiding technique that creates cornrows results in a high, narrow braid. The braids can include beads or shells. This braiding method is one of the oldest ones still in use today and could be more than 5,000 years old.

3.   Micro braids

Micro braids are tiny braids. They are typically so little that they look like thick strands of hair. These braids can be challenging to make, and one needs to visit hair braiding salons to get professional help. Micro braids can be styled in various ways, including pushing them all up to the top of the head and burning them. Alternatively, one can try letting them loose in a ponytail. At the client’s request, professional braiders often use these micro braids to make other braid designs, such as French, Dutch, or three-strand braids.

4.   Lemonade Braids

In 2017, Beyonce debuted this braiding design in her Lemonade album. A narrow cornrow runs down the middle of the head in this Fulani-inspired style, with one or a few cornrows pointing in the opposite direction near the temple. Lemonade braids are often adorned with beads. Many styles, such as a jumbo rope, a top knot, or being pulled back, can style the long hair on one side of the head.

5.   Tribal Braids

Also known as Fulani braids, this consists of one cornrow braided along the center of the head, from front to back. On both sides and moving from the back to the front, multiple cornrows are braided. Since the cornrows are spaced apart, one can regularly wash the scalp as usual. However, one must maintain the hair in the same way for three to five weeks before repeating the braiding procedure. At some hair braiding salons, hair stylers often use synthetic hair with the original hair to create various styles, including high buns, side parts, and crown braids.


Many claims that braiding hair is a cultural practice passed from one generation to the next, with each adding their flair. While some people get their hair braided as a part of their traditional culture, some get it exclusively done for styling purposes. Whatever the reasons are, braided hairs are eye-catching and draw attention.