Choosing The Type Of Dinosaur For A Birthday Cake


When you have a child who loves dinosaurs, and it is their birthday soon, you may want to consider getting them a dinosaur cake for their birthday. There are many different types of dinosaur cakes you can choose from, and there are some excellent examples online. You will need to consider which kind of dinosaur cake you will choose, and if possible, select the favourite of your child. You may also want to opt for a bespoke handmade cake that will ensure you get something that looks realistic. Below are some of the most common types of dinosaur cake that your child will love and help make for a memorable birthday that they will love.

A Terrifying T-Rex

You often find that the favourite dinosaur of many children is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which can also be the scariest one. You will want to search for a local cake company that makes bespoke cakes and check their availability to ensure they can deliver when you need it. You can then have them create a realistic T-Rex dinosaur cake that your child will love, and everyone will enjoy when celebrating your child`s birthday. You can opt for a cute and cuddly version of this scary dinosaur or a realistic cake that would look at home in Jurassic Park.

A Cuddly Woolly Mammoth

Another favourite dinosaur of many children is the Woolly Mammoth, which looks like a smaller version of the African Elephant. If this is a favourite of your child, you can consider commissioning a bespoke Woolly Mammoth cake that will look fantastic and tastes delicious. As with the T-Rex, you can opt for a cartoon version that is cute and friendly or a more realistic one, depending on the person’s skill level making your cake for you. Make sure you select your child’s favourite flavour for the cake, and you can rest assured they will love their surprise when they see it and taste it.

A Massive Brachiosaurus

If it is a question of the bigger the dinosaur, the better, you can choose a Brachiosaurus cake for your child`s birthday that they will love. The Brachiosaurus was the tallest of the dinosaurs and had a long giraffe-like neck, making it easily recognisable. If you use the services of a skilled artisan for your cake, they can create a realistic version for you that would look at home in a museum.

A Spiky Stegosaurus

Another dinosaur favourite with the kids is the Stegosaurus, and there have been many cartoon characters of this species of dinosaur, which is why children love it. You can have the company making your cake create a massive spiky Stegosaurus cake in your child`s favourite flavour and fillings, which will be a resounding success at their party.

Creating a bespoke dinosaur cake can take a lot of time, and to avoid disappointment, you need to book it well in advance of your child`s birthday. Plan the cake a few months before their birthday and book it in by paying a deposit, and you can ensure your child has a fantastic cake this coming birthday.

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