Asbestos Survey: Why you should get it done


Initially, people used asbestos to insulate electrical and building because it is durable and fire-resistant. There are restrictions on asbestos uses since it is toxic and threatens human health. Incase damage occurs to asbestos, they release asbestos fibers into the air, leading to workers’ health risks and building occupants from exposure and inhalation.

Due to the health risks posed, many states, federal and local regulations control asbestos materials creation, monitoring, installation and removal.

Reasons Why an Asbestos Survey is Important         

It is not enough to conduct an asbestos visual identification to determine its presence or absence in construction materials. Asbestos Survey is the only method to accurately identify and assess the amount of asbestos fiber in constructing materials. The survey involves taking a sample to the lab and analyzing the amount of asbestos fiber within building materials.

Building owners or buyers must have ACM for them to organize for their removal or safety management. Besides, if you keep building materials with asbestos in good condition and well sealed, it is easy to manage through an operation and maintenance plan.

The Best time to conduct Asbestos Survey

Due diligence requires carrying out asbestos survey during commercial real estate financing or transactions, renovation of buildings, before demolition or after suspecting damage to buildings in times of floods and natural calamities.

Asbestos use of insulation was banned and phase back in 1989 but not limited to all products. Many companies continue manufacturing and distributing it up to date. Therefore, it is essential to conduct an asbestos survey on all ACM identified and suspected to have asbestos when they have damaged or in brittle condition.

People still use asbestos in building structures such as roofing material, floor tiles, joint compound, window caulks, brake pads, masts and insulations. Hence, it is a federal requirement that before any building renovation or demolition, it is vital to identify suspect ACM without considering its construction date. Many local building departments do not give building permits unless the asbestos survey is complete. That is a safety precaution as demolition and renovations have the potential of releasing asbestos fiber into the air, and workers and building occupants can inhale them.

It is also essential to carry out an asbestos survey after a natural disaster or water damage that compromises or disrupts a building’s structure. It is a step that should have priority before any damage assessment or rebuilding occurs.

Therefore, the asbestos survey helps protect human life and ensures there is a successful transaction in all sorts of multifamily and commercial real estate. It is essential to involve a team of certified professionals who stay within your local, state, and federal regulations and minimum certification requirements such as certified asbestos consultant, project designers, EPA AHERA, management planners, building inspectors, and contractors’ supervisor.

Asbestos Removal and Abatement

Customers have several asbestos management options and removal of ACM based on their need: air monitoring, abatement oversight, clearance sampling, or operation and maintenance development that ensures there no asbestos gets into the air after their removal. An asbestos survey is an initial activity in ensuring you receive your permit and executes the necessary demolition or renovation plans.

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