7 Fixture Upgrades to Boost Your Home’s Value


Whether you’re thinking of selling your home soon or just looking to make a few improvements, it’s important to make the right ones. While some upgrades may seem like a good idea upfront, the truth is that they might not do you any favors in the long run. Some upgrades are difficult to maintain or don’t even last that long. Some are just a waste of money that you might end up regretting completely. Here’s a list of home upgrades that will give you your money’s worth.

Refresh your garage door

Maybe it’s your dated garage door that’s holding back your home’s curb appeal. There is a range of different materials you can choose from, and they all have their pros and cons. Wood is a classic material. It is a high maintenance material in general, but especially for outer doors such as garage doors. It may be a good insulator, but it’s also prone to rotting and pest damage. Wood composite is a good alternative. Steel and aluminum doors are much more durable but aren’t the best insulators. However, they are highly customizable, so you can talk to your contractor about adding a layer of material to act as an insulator.

Install recessed lighting

This is one of the most underrated home upgrades that you can make. While chandeliers are pleasing to the eyes, they require regular dusting. Recessed lighting fixtures give your home a sleek, modern look and require little to no dusting.


This is a home upgrade that adds value to your home and that you can easily D.I.Y. If you’re selling your home soon, it’s best to stick with neutral colors as they make it easier for prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in that space. While wallpaper looks good and can infuse a lot of personality to a room, buyers don’t normally go for it. If you aren’t looking to sell and want wallpaper anyway, feel free to put it up, but consider using temporary wallpaper. That way, if you’re not satisfied or if you tire of it too soon, you can easily remove it.

Choosing the right color seems like a simple enough task, but it can sometimes be stressful. TapPainter is an app that can help you with that. It lets you try on different wall colors without you painting your wall. All you have to do is take a picture of the wall you want to paint. TapPainter will then let you choose from their range of paint swatches to paint your wall virtually. If you’re not a fan of D.I.Y. projects, they can also connect you to a professional painter.

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Re-do your flooring

If you have wall-to-wall carpeted flooring in your home, it’s time to let go of it. Carpeted flooring adds no value to your home, is difficult to clean, and is not allergy-friendly. Even if you or your household members don’t have allergies, prospective buyers might, and carpeted flooring may be a deal-breaker. Switch to hardwood or laminate flooring. Both have smooth and polished surfaces that look good and are easy to clean. Hardwood bumps up your home’s value, and laminate flooring is scratch-resistant.

Upgrade your siding (or do a deep clean)

Your siding plays a big part in your home’s value and curb appeal score. If you’re planning on doing a big upgrade, changing your home’s siding will transform its facade. If you want an upgrade and want to save some money, having your siding power washed will remove years worth of dirt and grime and make your home look as good as new.

Resurface your kitchen counters

Kitchens are important because they’re one of the most productive rooms in your home. They’re also one of the things that can make or break a deal with a buyer. Perhaps it’s your kitchen counters that are bringing down the look of the room. Even if you’re not selling soon, giving them a good revamp will make you happier as you cook meals.

Install new windows

Having the right windows installed can not only increase your home’s value, but it can also make your home more cost-effective. Insulated windows will help you lower your heating and cooling bills. They’re also customizable, so you’ll have many finishes to choose from.

Be discerning when it comes to making improvements at home. Not all upgrades are worth it. Some might break what would have been a good deal with a buyer. Look towards the upgrades that will do favors for you and the next people who will live there.

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